Found someone to create videos + SEO

Like you guys know, I’ve talked about promoting philiphine tarsier with Youtube, but I had trouble understanding YouTube SEO and getting footage.

Well I’ve solved both problems! Someone emailed me free footage that I could use, and my friend that sent me the link in the last post knows a great SEO that will help me out for FREE!

I really lucked out, since he’s a nature lover and has some spare time. Since he’s only doing SEO for one video it shouldn’t take too long. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn the basics, by seeing what he does.

What’s funny is that he does seo for chiropractors, so him doing SEO for monkeys is hilarious!

Anyway, my video should be up soon! Will let you guys know when it’s live so you can like and share.

P.S here’s his website if you’d like to hire him:


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