Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

So Which Profession Gets The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

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Anyone who has had the good fortune to talk to me about car insurance will know how much of a fan I am of getting quotes related to my profession.

Not really a very big fan at all. I actually don’t really see why your job has to come into it at all. Guess what guys? You can have a sensible job and still park your vehicle next door to a known drug den every night. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

But anyway. Here are some of the best and some of the worst professions when it comes to getting cheap car insurance.

Here’s who has the cheapest auto insurance

The best

Police Officers

The profession where your success in catching criminals is often dependent on disregarding a lot of the rules of the road. You know, the rules that are meant to keep us safe from claiming on our insurance.


Those people that have spent many many years learning to manoeuvre a vehicle through the air where traffic lights, pedestrians, and other vehicles don’t exist. Cool.

Actors and actresses

Are you kidding me??? Do car insurance companies not read gossip magazines? Can you even say you work in entertainment if you don’t have a few DUI’s?


Those people that routinely work tirelessly through the night and are generally acknowledged to be constantly sleep deprived.

The worst


This is definitely the lowest stress job on the list. But I get it I suppose. A brick might fall on your car.


Probably one of the few categories of people that actually know all of the traffic laws. Who knew driving barefoot was a crime? I didn’t!

Business owners/ executives

Probably aren’t driving to as many dodgy areas late at night as your average actor.

Social workers

OK, I accept this one. Social work is a high-stress job. And it does require driving in some pretty unsavoury areas.

Let us know what you think of our list of who has the cheapest auto insurance? Agree or disagree! Next week will have an article on no deposit car insurance, get excited!

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